Conservative Candidate of Record for York Centre


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Rachel deeply values Canada's fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, conscience and expression. She is concerned about the restrictions the Liberal government has placed on these individual freedoms and is eager to ensure that Canadians continue to live in a society that is truly free.



Rachel knows that stronger families mean a stronger Canada. She is passionate about ensuring equal opportunity and pay for women, fighting child poverty, defending parental authority, lowering taxes for middle class Canadian families, and combatting youth suicide and child abuse.



Rachel is passionate about helping to build safer communities in York Centre and across the GTA. Being married to a Police Officer has led to a special interest in public safety and national security. Rachel is committed to working to protect Canadians from addiction, overdose and human trafficking.

Lower Taxes


Canadians know how to spend their own money. Rachel will fight to lower taxes for middle class Canadians and families. She supports small businesses and will ensure that Canadians are rewarded for their hard work and success, not punished. She opposes the Carbon tax.

Responsible Government


Members of Parliament are called to represent their constituents in Ottawa and should be enabled to do so. Rachel will fight for free votes on matters of conscience. She has the energy and passion to represent residents of York Centre well in the House of Commons.